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West Coast, United States

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Project Hannold is a 500MW-IT opportunity that resembles the Anker project but at a larger scale.

Like Anker, Hannold is located in the vicinity of Silicon Valley, near San Francisco’s “Internet Gateway” in northern California. The site is positioned at the cross section of the two large bulk power transmission points in northern California and a fiber backbone leaving the San Francisco Bay Area with multiple long-haul carriers.

The Hannold site is within close enough proximity to San Francisco to be capable of delivering 5-9’s of reliability.

Importantly, the site is located at a strategic point to deliver substantial utility rate advantage that is regarded as compelling for all hyperscale data center operators given the significance of power costs to the total cost of operations.

These projects are expected to generate a majority of their revenues from long-term, contracted cash flows secured under fixed lease payments and infrastructure services supply (including renewable power) charged to the data center tenant.

Target Outcomes:
  • Construction of up to 500MW data centre
  • Sustained and long-term competitive cost advantages to the data center operators in land, power, utilities and related infrastructure costs
  • Low-cost ‘around the clock’ renewable power supply and back-up resiliency solutions
  • Assists hyperscale data center operators in meeting their accelerating carbon reduction and ‘net zero’ targets

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