Data centre project by Rowan

Longhorn Portfolio

Texas, United States

Year acquired

The Longhorn Portfolio consists of four sites totaling 1,200MW-IT located in Texas. These sites are strategically located to address the needs of both hyperscale data center tenants as well as potentially for blockchain or other high-performance computing data centers. These sites are attractive due to the overall low cost of power in ERCOT (relative to other data center hubs such as California) and the potential to capture ancillary service revenues from ERCOT’s Responsive Reserve Service market. This additional revenue stream could qualify the data centers as Controllable Load Resources, allowing for the sites to provide valuable grid services.

Target Outcomes:
  • Construction of up to 1,200 MW-IT of data center capacity
  • Qualification of sites as Controllable Load Resources that can provide valuable grid services to the ERCOT power market
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