Who We Are

The PEP team has been active in the power sector for over 40 years, developing over $5.5Bn across a range of conventional and renewable generation assets. They have also specialised in renewable energy for over 30 years, developing c.700MW of supply capacity equating to $3.3Bn of capital. These projects save over 1.75M tonnes of CO2 every year, supplying the equivalent of 1.4M homes with renewable energy and have supported c.2800 jobs. The PEP team works closely with the investment and asset management teams at Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners across the US, UK and Australian power markets.

What We Do

PEP has been established to provide the Quinbrook group with enhanced capability in project origination, development, asset management and revenue optimisation.  Projects developed or supported by PEP are intended to be dedicated for future investment by  Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners via its managed funds. Our three primary areas of focus are:

  1. Utility scale renewables, with a focus on solar and battery storage
  2. Distributed energy solutions and Community Energy Networks
  3. Grid support infrastructure
PEP is active in the US, UK and Australian power markets.


The PEP team’s decades of experience in energy infrastructure has equipped them to competently manage the many challenges of the energy transition, including the rapid emergence of new technologies. They have consistently demonstrated an ability to innovate and be a first mover to capture both market and technology opportunities. This is demonstrated by the development, construction and operation of the world’s first straw fired power station, the world’s first fluidised bed chicken litter project, the world’s first tyre gasification project, the world’s first free standing commercial scale tidal device, as well as during the early 1990’s being pioneers in the UK’s wind, landfill gas and energy from waste industries. Successfuly completed projects include the delivery of the UK’s pioneering energy from waste plant in Riverside, London.  

Handling all Aspects of Project Development

  • Project identification and feasibility assessment
  • Negotiating site leases and acquisitions
  • Land surveys and assessments
  • Management of planning and permit applications
  • Technology selection and assessment
  • OEM assessment and performance evaluation
  • Equipment procurement and warranty negotiation
  • EPC contract tendering and negotiation
  • Asset operations and optimisation

Powering the next phase of the transition to net zero

PEP works across the technology landscape encompassing distributed scale solar PV, onshore wind, battery storage, biomass, fugitive methane recovery, demand response, grid support and flexibility, community energy networks, EV charging and ‘Virtual Power Plants’.

Behind the Meter Technologies

Encompassing both heat and power

Grid Connected Technologies

Solar, wind and storage

Future Technologies

Supporting green fuels

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