Data center project by Rowan


West Coast, United States

Year acquired

Project Hood consists of two sites totalling 45MW-IT in Oregon that are strategically located, offering the opportunity to build near existing hypserscale data center campuses and their growing power demands. The opportunity arises from existing load being constrained by the limited transmission capacity available to bring in additional supply. Birch Infrastructure has been working with the local utilities to relieve that constraint and enable more supply to meet the needs for future data center expansion. Solutions under consideration include new generation sources such as utility-scale solar and batteries.

The Hood projects are expected to obtain a majority of their revenues from long-term, contracted cash flows generated under fixed lease payments and infrastructure services supply (including renewable power) charged to the data center tenant.

Target Outcomes:
  • Construction of 45MW data centre
  • Sustained and long-term competitive cost advantages to the data center operators in land, power, utilities and related infrastructure costs
  • Low-cost ‘around the clock’ renewable power supply and back-up resiliency solutions
  • Assists hyperscale data center operators in meeting their accelerating carbon reduction and ‘net zero’ targets
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